#IamASCLS Gilma Roncancio Weemer

By Andrea Hickey posted 02-19-2017 17:24


Name and hometown:

Gilma Roncancio-Weemer, Springfield, IL

 How would you describe yourself as a person?

Someone who values family and friends, enjoys life, gets things done when asked and is somewhat of a perfectionist.

 Job title/specialization?

Program Director for a hospital based CLS program

 What got you into the field of Clinical Laboratory Sciences?

I learned about this field during a high school career day.  It seemed like the perfect fit combining my interest in a healthcare career with minimal patient contact with the fact that science courses were my favorite, especially those with a lab.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Becoming a program director, something I never aspired to be, has been the highlight of my career. As a result I’ve enjoyed a long career that’s been both gratifying and fun.

What makes you diverse?

Besides the fact that I’m 100% Colombian, I think I’m diverse in that until recently I was a program director by day and a laboratory consultant with The Laboratory Consultants, Inc. of Illinois by night. With the advent of CLIA we were able to provide previously unregulated labs with the resources and expertise to comply with the CLIA regulations and thereby provide better patient care.

 How has ASCLS impacted you?

First and foremost, it is through ASCLS that I have friends across the country who I not only consider my ASCLS family but who have served as great resources and advisors.  ASCLS also helped me to develop leadership and presentation skills in addition to providing me with opportunities to contribute to the organization and our profession.  I wouldn’t be the professional I am today without ASCLS!

What is your favorite part about the job?

The favorite part of my job is contributing to the professional development of our students.  It’s so rewarding to hear from graduates about how their time spent in the program positively impacted them.  

Your biggest achievements or proudest moments, both in your career and normal life:

My proudest moments are watching each class of students graduate knowing what they accomplished and that they’re well prepared for the profession.  I also consider it an achievement and an honor to have been elected to serve on the ASCLS Board of Directors as the Secretary/Treasurer for two terms. That allowed me to contribute to the organization on a different level learning more about the inner workings.

In your eyes, why should people join ASCLS?

ASCLS provides members with much more than continuing education, from networking opportunities to leadership skill development and legislative advocacy, ASCLS is focused on meeting the needs of laboratory professionals.  ASCLS is also a great source of mentors who can assist with personal and professional development.  The publications help members stay connected to current developments in the field.  Attending ASCLS meetings and being involved inspires and motivates me!