#IamASCLS Vathani Logendran

By Andrea Hickey posted 05-16-2017 16:12


Name and hometown:

My name is Vathani Logendran and I’m from the small college town of Corvallis, Oregon.

How would you describe yourself as a person?
I would describe myself as compassionate, energetic, silly, kind, dedicated, and passionate.

Job title/specialization?
I am currently a generalist float, which means I work during the busiest hours of the lab. I work in hematology, blood bank, and chemistry.

What got you into the field of Clinical Laboratory Sciences?
I first learned about Clinical Lab Sciences from my mom whose old coworker decided to switch careers. I became interested in microbiology during my first Bachelors degree in Biology. Microbiology sparked my interest in Clinical Lab Sciences.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
The highlight of my career in this field thus far has definitely been meeting fellow MLS/MTs that are just as passionate about patient care and the work we do.

What makes you diverse?
I’m diverse because I’m Sri Lankan and I am first generation American. I embrace diversity and love meeting people of all different backgrounds, whatever that may entail.
How has ASCLS impacted you?
ASCLS has allowed me to be in leadership positions related to this field. I love being involved! I love that ASCLS allows us to promote our field and advocate for what we do in a meaningful way. I have met some of the best people I know through ASCLS, and these experiences have made my appreciation for the field all the greater.

What is your favorite part about the job?
My favorite part about being an MLS is how we indirectly help patients and are a pivotal part of the diagnosis and care of a patient. I also love that no day of our job is the same, and each day allows for a variety of work.
Your biggest achievements or proudest moments, both in your career and normal life:
My biggest achievement in my career is what I will be embarking on, which is one of my dream jobs. This summer, I will be going on an amazing journey to Botswana for two years to do Youth and Capacity Building AIDS/HIV work. I’m incredibly grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to do public health work abroad. My proudest moments in my normal life are having the courage to take risks, move to new places, meet new people, and as a result, experience life to the fullest.

In your eyes, why should people join ASCLS?
I believe people should join ASCLS because it allows people to be involved in the field of CLS in so many different ways. There is a calling for every MLS and MT in ASCLS. It has opened the doors to incredible opportunities for me, and I know it can for everyone else.