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  • 1.  Interprofessional

    Posted 02-02-2019 22:22
    I don't know of any profession that agonizes more about lack of recognition and ability to convey our value and expertise, yet, here is an organization devoted to interprofessional education and practice, endorsed by pretty much all health professional accrediting agencies, but Medical Laboratory Science is not represented.  These are accreditors - so this is on NAACLS, but we should be disappointed because we (to date) are not at this table.

    Health Professions Accreditors Collaborative. (2019). Guidance on developing qualityinterprofessional education for the health professions. Chicago, IL: Health Professions Accreditors Collaborative. 

    Susan Stalewski
    Coordinator ASCLS Scientific Assemblies
    Past president ASCLS-WI

    Director Academic Initiatives and Planning
    University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
    West Milwaukee WI
    (414) 671-1259

  • 2.  RE: Interprofessional

    Posted 02-03-2019 16:11
    ​Hi Susan et al. Thank you for bringing attention to this group. The NAACLS BOD voted at its last meeting to get involved with the Health Professions Accreditors Collaborative. I'm not sure where we are in the process, but it is moving forward!

    Maribeth Flaws
    Rush University Medical Center
    LaGrange IL

  • 3.  RE: Interprofessional

    Posted 02-04-2019 07:46
    HOSA is another organization that we are not represented in. Being an exhibitor at the local or state conferences is a means to get some word out. Most colleges and high schools have teams that compete in Biomedical Sciences, with events like gram staining, streaking, and blood typing.

    Kristina Behan
    University of West Florida
    Medical Laboratory Science Dept
    Penscacola, FL

  • 4.  RE: Interprofessional

    Posted 02-05-2019 05:40
    Greetings All, I would agree about HOSA Future Health Professionals as an opportunity to show off our profession. In Minnesota, our HOSA hosts a number of HOSA conferences where they are always in need of Judges for their competitions. Additionally they want speakers to provide hands on workshops for their student members to participate in.

    More information can be found at:  Minnesota  HOSA
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    Minnesota HOSA
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    Affiliation Process The 2018-2019 Membership year brings the challenge of achieving a record 35th straight year of membership growth for HOSA. The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, Executive Council and HOSA Headquarters staff are ready to...
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    Daniel Olson
    St. Paul MN


  • 5.  RE: Interprofessional

    Posted 02-05-2019 14:38
    ASCLS-CO has been participating in HOSA Colorado Leadership Conference since 2011.

    ASCLS-CO purchases 2 career fair tables to "Promote the Profession" of Medical Laboratory Science with NAACLS certified education program flyers from CO and WY, a display board, a scrolling ppt and several microscopes and a guessing the # of jelly beans in an erhlenmeyer flask with prize.  We have reached potentially over 800 high school students at this event every year.

    ASCLS-CO has also organized, set-up, and provided the judges for the Biomedical Lab Science competitions every year from the HOSA Approved choice of challenges available.  In 2011, there were 2 competitors, today there are up to 20 or more competing.

    Over the years, many times, an ASCLS-CO member, usually Stephanie Mihane, has given a short 20 minute breakout session describing medical laboratory science as a profession.

    As a society, we have felt that this event has been an important way to tell others about the profession of medical laboratory science.

    Cathy McNary
    ASCLS-CO Past President

    Catherine Mc Nary
    Retired Medical Lab Scientist, Microbiologist
    Ft. Collins CO

  • 6.  RE: Interprofessional

    Posted 02-05-2019 15:47
    Wonderful.  Thanks for sharing your experience with HOSA.   You truly have promoted the profession well in Colorado, especially to a critical target audience, high schoolers.  We will definitely pursue this organization.

    Roslyn McQueen, Ph.D.
    ASCLS President

  • 7.  RE: Interprofessional

    Posted 02-04-2019 13:18
    Wonderful.  I am glad you started the process for participation.  We need to expose our profession as much as possible.   Therefore, participation with all health professional accrediting agencies is paramount.  

    Roslyn McQueen, Ph.D.
    ASCLS President