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New Clinical Pathologist Assistant program

  • 1.  New Clinical Pathologist Assistant program

    Posted 11-25-2018 15:14
    I recently became aware of a new program offered by the University of Alabama, Birmingham called the Clinical Pathologist Assistant. As far as I can find out it is a Master's level degree and the goal is for an MLS to help the Clinical Pathologist with interacting with providers about the selection, use and interpretation of laboratory tests. This individual would assist the clinical pathologist with some of their clinical consultation duties.

    UAB - SHP - Department of Clinical And Diagnostic Sciences - Clinical Pathologist Assistant

    Clinical Pathologist Assistant < Catalog | The University of Alabama at Birmingham

    I am reserving my own opinion except to say clinicians need as much help as they can get from the laboratory. I am not sure I like the abbreviation CPA (we have enough confusion about our identity as it is.)

    Has anyone else heard of this program? Are other colleges offering something similar? Does ASCLS have a position on this degree/professional? IS NAACLS working on some standards for  program accreditation?

    Glen McDaniel
    Atlanta GA
    (404) 629-1164

  • 2.  RE: New Clinical Pathologist Assistant program

    Posted 11-26-2018 07:51
    ​My first reaction is similar to Glen's, but then it appears to be very similar, in intent, to what the DCLS roles is.  It is to become that link between the laboratory and the clinicians and patients.  The curriculum seems geared to either compete or complement the DCLS.  I am curious to find out the decision-making process related to offering this degree versus a DCLS.  The entry requirements are similar and a certified MLS with experience is required for admission.  While CPA as an acronym is unfortunate as it relates to our accounting colleagues, have the title included the terms Clinical Pathology in it is an advantage.

    My question to educators, is how this masters degree compares to MLS masters degree programs and to the three approved DCLS programs, how this curriculum compares to theirs.  Finally, is CAP and ASCP aware of and/or involved with the development of such a sprogram.

    Rick Panning
    Senior Administrative Director
    Bloomington MN