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Student Labs

  • 1.  Student Labs

    Posted 03-13-2020 11:06
    Hi Everyone,
    With the emerging issues of the coronavirus (COVID-19), it seems that many of us are transitioning our lectures online. I would like to hear some suggestions on how programs are handling their student course labs?

    Dr. Floyd Josephat
    [MT (ASCP)]
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Birmingham AL
    (912) 344-8986
    Associate Professor & Program Director for Clinical Laboratory Sciences

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    Posted 03-14-2020 15:31
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    The first assignment they will have is to go through this interactive disease lab program (good timing): See attached for the protocol I use.

    Since our semester is 1/2 over and my students have learned almost all technical skills, I will be using this time to reinforce their critical thinking abilities. This is a clinical microbiology course so organism identification based on Gram stain and biochemical data is the majority of the course. I will be using the test tool in Blackboard to mimic a step-by-step identification of an organism. I will (try) to incorporate pictures of Gram stain or biochemical tests into each question, have the students interpret the test, click their interpretation and then move on to the next question which has the correct answer in the question text.

    They will not be able to move ahead to the next question without answering the previous question and they will not be able to backtrack to change a previous answer. At the end of the question set, they will be given the correct ID of the organism and will have to free-text a self-analysis of their wrong answer choices justifying why they chose the result and why they were wrong.

    These identification assignments will not be worth any points (no deduction for wrong answers) but they will be deducted points if they do not complete the assignment by the due date. They will have at least 2 per week (let's see how long it takes for development), but I would like them to get through most of the organisms by the time we get back to campus (April 10th or 17th).

    I hope this helps



  • 3.  RE: Student Labs

    Posted 03-19-2020 05:00

    Greetings, Dr. Josephat. I teach in a MLT program in Jackson, MS. For hematology, I designed a simple sickle cell screening (tube solubility) "virtual lab" in Canvas (our LMS). These documents and video are to be used in conjunction with their existing student lab exercise. I will attach the documents below in case you would like to review them or it could possibly spark an idea. 

    I was made aware of a Cellavision program provided for a 3 month trial, one license per institution (you can add 10 users). It allows the students to view/sort/count 4 hematolgy slides (WBC & RBC) as well as body fluid slides. The link is as follows: Just a side note with this, I found using Internet Explorer was best. It's a little tricky to load students. 

    I will begin to work on Immunology labs today and have assisted my colleague with some Micro resources. If you would like to email me I can provide you with those as well.

    In these uncertain times it will be helpful to join forces to serve our communities, profession, and future laboratorians. 

    Tube Solubility "Virtual Lab":

    Links to a Video:

    Hope this helps! 

    Celia Lea Reulet
    Brandon MS
    (601) 421-1630