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Recommend someone for the Key to the Future award

  • 1.  Recommend someone for the Key to the Future award

    Posted 03-14-2019 14:15

    If this message feels familiar, that's because it might be.  I posted last month too.  I am hoping each month that new members will read it and consider recommending a colleague the Key to the Future recognition

     Each year, ASCLS constituent societies recognize individuals who, by virtue of their ASCLS activities to date, show promise to contribute as future leaders for ASCLS at the local, regional, and national levels. They are honored at the ASCLS Annual Meeting. You can recommend a promising individual for the Key to the Future (KTF) recognition. Here's how. 

    1.  Go to the ASCLS web page to review the eligibility requirements:
    2. If a promising candidate comes to mind, email or text your state society president and ask him or her to consider your nominee.
    3. Write a sentence or two explaining why you think your nominee is worthy of KTF recognition.

     That's it. Super simple. Just a quick e-mail or text. 

     Your president can consider your recommendation or will refer it to the appropriate committee, if needed to conform to your state society's selection process.

     KTF recognition is important for leadership development within our constituent societies. It is reserved for members who are relatively early in their active society involvement. With KTF recognition, members know their contributions to date are valued and it helps spur them to continued involvement.

     So, who do you know that has shown early promise as an ASCLS leader? Let your state president know now!

    [Kathy] [Doig]
    [Leadership Development Committee Chairperson 2018-19]

    2019 JAM