Ms. Nina Maniotis

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United States


I am an MT, (ASCP) from Stephenville, Texas with 45 years on the bench; and former Micro and BB supervisor. Hematology and Micro are my favorite lab sections. I once attended an ASCP conference in San Antonio and heard the legendary Irma Pereira speak on Hematology. I have a Bachelors in Hist/Govt., a Masters in Trans-Atlantic history, and 7-12 Social Science Composite teaching degree. I am the co-sponsor of the WC Young Democrats. I created the WC Phlebotomy Program for Weatherford College in 2009 to present. It is a 16 hour college credit program, and offers a variety of interesting courses. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing students, most of mine are young women, going out into the working world, or achieving higher level medical education. I constantly strategize how to help them with funding, childcare, and other support to help them succeed.
I have a big, wonderful family; as my parents had 6 children and we are all very close. I am a dancer, and have taught ballroom dance. I enjoy studying science, languages, art; and am an avid reader. Swimming, walking, riding bicycles, cooking, and gardening are my favorite pastimes. My husband is an engineer, and we like to travel whenever possible. I am a member of St. Brendan's Catholic Church, taught 5th grade CCD, was a lector, and a music minister for 25 years. I enjoy attending the CLEC conferences, and meeting new friends and colleagues.