Allicia Gunderman

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United States


I am Allicia Gunderman, and I am very passionate about gaining new knowledge. The sciences have been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember, as I have always been curious about how the world works. My parents told me that I often asked them questions about how electrical systems worked when I was a young child. Now, I still have the same curiosity and drive that has brought me to major in genetics, a fast growing field in the world of medicine. During my college career, I worked in a genetics lab and been the president of the Genetics, Cell BIology, and Development club in order to educate other students about technology. Since college, I have worked as a junior scientist, medical scribe, and medical writer. In February 2018, I returned to the University of Minnesota to get a  Master's degree in medical lab sciences, so I can pursue a career that combines my passions in medicine and laboratory work.

One of my other passions is helping people with disabilities, especially people with Autism. I hope to help people on the spectrum with self-advocacy, gaining independence, and finding equal employment opportunities. This passion has led me to working in a neuroscience lab, volunteering and Autism clinic, and being the president of a student group called U-Nited for Autism.