Kelcey Harper

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United States


After beginning my career in the laboratory as a generalist, I switched gears and moved into industry, as well as academia. My true passion lies in the world of microbiology and teaching, something I discovered in my post-undergraduate work. My long-term goal is to pursue a career in academia and help mold the scientific minds of tomorrow.  In addition to my current work in industry, I have 3 years experience teaching in an MLS program. The courses I taught included Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation, and Anatomy & Physiology. 

Currently, I am a Masters Degree candidate at Drexel University, studying Infectious Disease, with an emphasis in cell and molecular biology. I have hopes to pursue a PhD in the coming years.

I have hade a wide range of experiences in ASCLS serving in various capacities on the national, regional, and state levels. My involvement began as a student many years ago and I have been involved ever since.