Phyu Thwe

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United States


Recent graduate of Cellular Molecular and Biomedical Sciences (CMB) Program at the University of Vermont. Now as a CPEP (Committee on Postgraduate Education Program) postdoctoral fellow in medical and public health laboratory microbiology, I aim to set my foot in the clinical microbiology field with a goal of promoting the quality of laboratory services.

Graduate career highlights:
- Awarded a highly competitive Keystone Symposium Future of Science Fund Scholarship
- Awarded Young Investigator Award twice by the American Association of Immunologists
- Selected TWICE for an oral presentation in a block symposium at the National/International level Immunology conference
- Published in a high impact journal “Cell Metabolism”

Career goal:
- My goal is to direct a microbiology laboratory in an academic medical center, where I can also take on a moderate level of teaching responsibilities.