ASCLS Taskforces 2021-2022

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Signup Deadline: 12-01-2021
Starts: 01-01-2022
Ends: 07-31-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


Task Force: Trade Association for Educational Programs

Charge: The taskforce is asked to explore the demand and potential services for a trade association for educational programs sponsored by ASCLS using the following process:
  1. Examine If a trade association could fill a unique gap in the marketplace.
  2. Design the services that will be offered to potential members.
  3. Identify membership criteria and fees
  4. Make recommendations to promote the trade association

Task Force: Enhance Research and Scholarly Activities among ASCLS Members

Charge: The taskforce will investigate ways to empower the professional community to more actively engage in research and scholarly activities (e.g. scientific writing/presenting), using the following process:
1. Conduct an environmental scan that identifies internal and external forces to ASCLS that is currently limiting research and scholarly productivity of the professional community.
2. Develop a set of actionable steps that strategically dismantle those issues and promote research scholarly activities within ASCLS

Three Taskforces to Review and Revise Position Papers

Charge: Review and update ASCLS Position Papers to ensure they are current and relevant. The taskforce will make recommendations to the board of directors to affirm, change, or rescind existing position papers. Those recommendations will eventually reach the House of Delegates. The task force would be encouraged to consult subject matter experts and/or ASCLS Committees as needed for this review.
Process: Each task force will review one of the following ASCLS Position Papers and make the following recommendations for each:
  • Submit papers for ASCLS Board approval with no recommended changes. (Board approval would put a new date stamp on the document)
  • Submit papers to be sunset as no longer being relevant (need BOD and HOD approval for that)
  • Submit revised papers for board approval and submission to the HOD. The House of Delegates has final approval.
Point of Care Testing:
Scope of Practice:
Healthcare Reform:

Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Hassan Aziz