#IamASCLS Ninive Costa

By Andrea Hickey posted 06-29-2016 13:04



-Name and hometown:

Ninive; I've had a lot of hometowns, the latest Holland, MI.

-How would you describe yourself as a person?

I'm a person with a diverse background; this helps me understand the disparities and socioeconomic issues that traverse our society. I strive to aid the population towards healing.

-Job title/specialization?

Medical Technologist and Biomedical Photographer. I currently work in a skin bank and perform Microbiology testing. I also work on special projects dealing with image documentation and QI/research for Burn/Surgery.

-What got you into the field of Clinical Laboratory Sciences?

A Immunodiagnostics and Flow Cytometry course at MSU.

-What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

I've got a great job that supports me continuing my education, doing Microbiology that I love and working directly with my patients.

-What makes you diverse?

I think there isn't anyone like anyone else and yet we are all so similar too. From a cultural standpoint I was born in Brazil and have Chinese, African, Swiss, Portuguese, and Italian ancestry. Here in the US I'm considered Latina. I'm also a minority as a woman and of Jewish heritage.

-How has ASCLS impacted you?

The people I've met in the organization have altered my life forever. I wouldn't be doing this today if not for the friends and colleagues in the organization.

-What is your favorite part about the job?

I get to be a diagnosis detective; checking out how these little clues are what causes a patient to be sick. It is so great to assist in saving a life.

-Your biggest achievements or proudest moments, both in your career and normal life:

I was always great at solving problems, but I think my proudest moment is always the now because I'm climbing up to where I want to be in my skill set.

-In your eyes, why should people join ASCLS?

If you want to succeed in your profession you need to join mentors to help you get there.