#IamASCLS Kyle Kaiwusaier

By Andrea Hickey posted 02-19-2017 17:21



Name: Ainiwaer Kyle Kaiwusaier 

Hometown: Urumqi, XinJiang Province, China

Representing which State? South Dakota

How would you describe yourself as person?

I think I would describe myself as an easy-going, open-minded person. I love meeting different personalities and experiencing new things. I try to keep an open vision for people and cultures since I believe there is always something to learn and enjoy.

Job title/Specialty: Medical laboratory science student intern at Sioux Falls Avera McKennan Hospital.

What got you into the field of laboratory science?
I had the goal to work as a healthcare professional since I was a kid, helping others to get better is a very meaningful and fulfilling thing. Medical laboratory science is not just a healthcare field, it is also a very interesting career. I like learning all the different area of knowledge we study, from the microorganisms causing infections to the antibodies we identify when we crossmatch blood units. Every day work in the field of laboratory science is exciting.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
The highlight of my career so far would be receiving my white coat as a healthcare professional student and being nominated to become a member of the Rho Lambda Tau National Medical Laboratory Honor Society.

What is favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of being a Medical Laboratory Scientist is that we perform and interpretive a variety of diagnostic tests on all kinds of specimens. We help with the diagnostic and treatment process on every patient. I really think this career is interesting and fulfilling every day.

What makes you diverse/unique?
I believe my multi-cultural background is what makes me diverse. I’m from China, however I also belong in Turkic ethnic group. Growing up I been experiencing and enjoying both Chinese and Turkish culture. When I was 16 years old, I came to United States as a high school exchange student. Now I been studying in the United States for almost 6 years, and this has been a unique and awesome experience for me. Having been exposed to different cultures made me a more diverse person.

What is your biggest achievement or proudest moment, both in your career and your life?
My biggest achievement in life so far is becoming an international student. It was difficult to start a new life in a new country at the beginning, but with all the amazing people I have met, I made some great progress. I remember when I was a high school exchange student, I had a job shadowing experience at Sioux Falls Avera McKennan Hospital, at that time I said to myself that I wish one day I can work in such a nice hospital. Now I’m a student laboratory inter at Avera McKennan Hospital, this is like a dream come true for me, I’m truly tankful to everyone that helped me along the way.

How has ASCLS impacted you?
ASCLS has been a guideline for medical laboratory professionals. ASCLS has organized meetings, learning sessions and other beneficial activities for us. ASCLS has provided laboratory professionals with many opportunities.

n your eyes, why should people join ASCLS?
ASCLS is the professional organization for Medical laboratory professionals. I think we should join the ASCLS to unite the profession, when we are united we can put our voices out there and create more opportunities for our profession.  By joining the ASCLS, we can also grow together and help each other to become better Medical laboratory professionals.