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New Year, New Hope

By Cheyenne Reyes posted 01-14-2021 22:32


New Year, New Hope

By Jessica Lawless MLS(ASCP)CM


          Well, it is 2021. We survived the craziness of 2020 and are, unfortunately, continuing to push through the continuation of the craziness into this year. Despite some pretty significant political unrest (which I will NOT get in to), I am very hopeful for this year. I think that maintaining an element of hope is so important during these tumultuous times. I know. I know. Hope during COVID-19 is a scarce commodity, but I encourage you to find that hope in your heart because we haven’t fully pulled out of this pandemic at this time. We ALL need hope right now, so let’s go find it!

          First, let’s all take a moment to really ponder the absolute miracle of modern medicine. We are about a year into this lovely pandemic and we have a VACCINE!!! I know that it is tough to get it to everyone, but it is coming and that is amazing. I am so very hopeful that things will at least lessen in severity with the vaccine going around.

          Second, there is always a sense of renewal and excitement at the change of a year. We have a new chance to be healthy all around. We have a new chance to resolve to be kind to one another. We are seeing a huge push for acknowledging diversity and inclusion in all industries and situations. We are seeing an increase in global cooperation and support of one another. I am so excited to see this renewed love for our fellow citizens of the world.

          Third, mask usage may be considered negative, but this year the lab is seeing a HUGE decrease in flu and RSV! That is great for all of our at risk population. I love that there is so much less of all that because our MICRO departments are so tired.

          Forth, the terrible seclusion of being in lockdown or just a general decrease in moving and shaking has taken its toll on much of the population. I have tried really hard to find something positive about this, but something that is glaringly positive is that we are all realizing how important it is to have quality time with our loved ones. This is so huge! We all need to appreciate those loved ones and really enjoy that little bit of time we can carve out for them.

          Finally, from a laboratory perspective, 2020 has brought us into the SPOTLIGHT! Take this opportunity to get involved locally in your place of work. Make sure you are always putting your best foot forward and promote continued visibility in your local news, etc.

          So, there were five, yes FIVE, things to be excited and hopeful about even in these seemingly bleak times. I hope that this blog finds you well and I can’t wait to see everyone when the pandemic allows!




01-19-2021 12:52

Hi Jessica! Thank you for showcasing some of the amazing things that can (and did!) happen! It is so easy to get overwhelmed or stuck in the mundane and repetitiveness of our daily lives but your post was a great reminder for us to take inventory of what we do have and to incorporate gratitude for all things.

01-15-2021 11:11

Wonderful thoughts Jessica!  And so true about the flu season - it is great to get a break.