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  • Hello everyone, I have this question for Program Directors and Faculty teaching in the 100% online MLT - MLS bridge program. In our program, our students are required to submit the completed competencies in different areas of the lab - Chemistry, Hematology, ...

  • ​Glad to see my letter being published in a number of other newspapers.  It is not yet published in Minneapolis Star Tribune and likely won't be.  If not, I will submit to St. Paul Pioneer Press tomorrow. Rick ------------------------------ Rick Panning ...

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  • ​I adopted the letter from Rick and it is published in the Southern Illinoisan Newspaper. Thank you Rick! The Southern ...

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  • ​Good morning, I'm looking for any real data related to the false negative rates associated with the Abbott ID Now platform, for their EUA CoVid19 assay.  If anyone has validation data (precision, specificity, sensitivity, accuracy, etc) that they ...

  • Hi! I just saw this call to design the lid for a cookie tin to honor health care professionals. It would be awesome to see laboratory professionals represented in the design. I am not an artist, but I thought someone else would have some artistic skills, ...

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  • As we begin our lapsed member contact campaign, I wanted to share with you all some notes from Region X Membership Chair Michael Leiberman.  See his insights below, and you can also download them here:   ASCLS_Membership_Committee_Activities_article-v2.docx ...


  • ASCLS Awards Deadline is February 15, 2020

    Dear ASCLS Members,

    The deadline for submitting nominees for the following awards is less than two months away, February 15, 2020. Visit the Awards and Scholarship webpage ( for details. You will find the online submission button and the attachments (if required) on this webpage.


    Ascending Professional Leadership Award

    Developing Professional Leadership Award

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Society Website Award

    Society Paper Publication Award

    Society Electronic Publication Award

    Scientific Assembly Professional Achievement Award

    Scientific Research Award

    Theriot Award


    Please consider nominating a worthy member and thank them for all their dedication and hard work for ASCLS and for our profession. This is a great way to encourage them to continue to be the face of the profession!

    Suzanne Campbell, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM
    Awards Committee Chair 2019-2020

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