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Clinical Laboratory Science Journal Editor-in-Chief

Signup Deadline: 12-01-2023
Starts: 01-01-2024
Ends: 12-31-2026
Location: Online Opportunity


Responsible and Reports to: ASCLS Board of Directors.

Purpose: The function of the Editor(s)-in-Chief of Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) is to provide leadership and direction that results in the publishing of a well-respected, peer-reviewed, scientific journal. This is a prestigious appointment with the Editor-in-Chief having the opportunity to lead a high-quality, growth-focused journal through a transformative period and will help assure a higher level of impact in the years to come. The Editor(s)-in-Chief plan editorial content, develop and review manuscripts, organize journal functions to maintain editorial integrity and evaluate and make adjustments to the journal as appropriate.

Term of Office: The term of the Editor-in-Chief is three (3) years, and may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms. The Appointments Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the Editor(s)-In-Chief, from solicited applications.

Qualifications: The appointee should be a member of the Society, have authored peer reviewed publications, be known to complete projects within established deadlines, be able to communicate effectively, have served as a Section Editor or similar position with another journal, and have resources for word processing, duplication, mailing and telephoning.

To Plan
1. Reviews credentials and recommendations of senior editors for the selection of associate editors and selects senior editors.
2. Obtains and/or develops suggestions for special issues and topics of current interest.
3. Secures guest editors and contributing editors, selects issues and authors to write current interest papers.
4. Works cooperatively with the Scientific Assemblies and/or Annual Meeting personnel to obtain manuscripts of sessions at the Annual Meeting.

To Develop
5. Schedules workshops and seminars for the purpose of developing writing and scientific editing skills.
6. Actively solicits manuscripts from authors whose work or insights advance the profession of clinical laboratory science.
7. Creates new sections for CLS as needed.
8. Reviews each manuscript thoroughly and evaluates reviews provided by the reviewer(s) when elements of the manuscript or reviews are questionable.
9. Determines disposition of all manuscripts, i.e., acceptance, acceptance with revision, revision necessary before acceptance, rejection.
10. Develops guidelines for assignment of manuscripts for review.
To Organize
11. Provides orientation session at the Annual Meeting.
12. Assists authors and associate editors as necessary.
13. Provides for inclusion of CLS content in appropriate databases that extend the impact
beyond clinical laboratory science.
14. Completes reports as required.

To Evaluate
15. Reviews editorial policies and goals to assure they are in harmony with reader needs at
all levels of practice and society policy.
16. Recommends appropriate changes to ASCLS Board.
17. Evaluates CLS and measures editorial effectiveness.
18. Determines changing needs of readers and adjusts content to reflect such.

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Patricia Tille