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    We do calculate all the cell lines. We lump bands/metas/myelos/pros all into the neutrophil absolute count. We also do a separate line item for atypical lymphs and then that percentage is included with the lymph absolute counts. As a percentage they are ...

  • Hello all.  Does anyone have any experience with working with Lean Consuting Companies that focus on QMS and 6 Sigma?  Do you know of any conferences that focus on Lean Production in the laboratory. Thank you, Cynthia ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: absolute numbers

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    Every organization I've worked at has provided the absolute count for all parameters--although any physician queries have usually involved the absolute neutrophil count. Usually this is an easy calculation for your LIS, or you can take the absolute count ...

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    On Sunday, April 23, we begin Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2017. That evening on the Outbreak News This Week radio show, a panel of medical laboratory scientists will discuss the profession and the role of ASCLS. The panelists are: Dr. Suzanne ... more

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