About Us

Advocacy for Laboratorians

Our primary goal is to advocate for our profession and our patients. We do this by representing the interests of the clinical laboratory and affiliated professions and members of the Society in all government and other forums that affect these interests and being involved in national and state legislation and promoting licensure for all medical laboratory professionals.


We want to provide educational opportunities to students, future students, non-laboratory professionals and patients.


President: Gwenn Schwerdel

President Elect: Tracey Graney

Past President: Matthew Schoell

Treasurer: Lauren Brooks

Recording Secretary: Afrinash Ahamad

Board Members: Robina Colclough-Davy, Aniqa Rattu, Sadaf Ahmad

Ascending Professional: Rhiannon Tierney

Developing Professional: Sean Johnston


Committee Chairs, 2021-2022

Nominations: Beverly Price DeNard

Judicial: Beverly Price DeNard

Constitution & Bylaws: Matthew Schoell

Scholarships: Tracey Graney

Awards: Robina Colclough-Davy

Spring Seminar: Kathleen Finnegan, Lisa Hochstein

Newsletter Editor: Carol Golyski

Student Advisor: Beverly Price DeNard

Website & Social Media: Rhiannon Tierney, Tracey Graney

Public Relations & Promotion of the Profession: Rhiannon Tierney, Tracey Graney

Charity: Gwenn Schwerdel