Who We Are

ASCLS-NY represents clinical laboratory professionals in New York State
We are a proud member of ASCLS Region I (along with Connecticut, Maine, and Central New England)

Clinical Laboratory Science is the application of physical, chemical, and biological principles to the performance of laboratory procedures. It is a discipline encompassing research, development, teaching, supervision, and performance of these procedures and services. Clinical Laboratory Science is an independent profession which participates in and contributes to health services. 

In order to be able to discharge fully its responsibilities, the Association is committed to the task of achieving equal opportunities in all aspects of any intersociety agency whose objectives are directed in the profession of Clinical Laboratory Science in which the Association is represented, acting as the voice of our profession. The Association will provide the opportunity to increase knowledge in scientific depth and the advancement of the profession through continuing education. The Association will participate in the development of programs that evaluate and monitor the technical proficiency of the practitioners of Clinical Laboratory Science. The Association provides a forum available to all practitioners subscribing to the code of ethics of the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Executive Board Members 2021-2022

President: Gwenn Schwerdel

President Elect: Tracey Graney

Past President: Matthew Schoell

Treasurer: Lauren Brooks

Recording Secretary: Afrinash Ahamad

Board Members: Robina Colclough-Davy, Aniqa Rattu, Sadaf Ahmad

Ascending Professional: Rhiannon Tierney

Developing Professional: Sean Johnston


Committees 2021-2022

Nominations: Kathleen Finnegan

Membership: James Payne, Lourdes Martinez, Camille Parnell

Constitution & Bylaws: Matthew Schoell

Scholarships: Tracey Graney

Awards: Robina Colclough-Davy

Spring Seminar: Kathleen Finnegan, Lisa Hochstein

Newsletter Editor: Carol Golyski

Website & Social Media: Rhiannon Tierney, Tracey Graney

Public Relations & Promotion of the Profession: Rhiannon Tierney, Tracey Graney

Charity: Gwenn Schwerdel