Mission/Vision Statement

Mission/Vision Statement
ASCLS serves as the voice of all clinical laboratory professionals, creating a vision for the advancement of the clinical laboratory practice field, and advocating the value and the role of the profession ensuring safe, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient centered health care.

The goals of the Association are:
  1. To assure patients and their physicians, as well as those persons concerned with health and research, the highest quality laboratory service that modern science affords.
  2. To expand and improve its service.
  3. To encourage intelligent and capable individuals to enter the educational path that leads to service in this profession.
  4. To establish and maintain high standards for the profession and for the services performed by its practitioners.
  5. To provide a forum for discussion of matters pertaining to the profession of clinical laboratory science and for action thereon.
  6. To promote programs of continuing education, research, and development.
  7. To represent the profession of clinical laboratory science, to safeguard its standards, and to protect the professional interests of its members.
  8. To evaluate constantly the role and function of clinical laboratory science.
  9. To interest candidates in choosing clinical laboratory science as a career and to assist them in their evaluation of the requirements, opportunities, and activities of the profession of clinical laboratory science.
  10. To encourage devotion to professional service and to our country, respect for our fellow man, the rule of the majority, the needs of the minority, and the will of God.

The purposes of this Association are:
  1. To promote higher standards in Clinical Laboratory methods and research
  2. To elevate the status of those specializing in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science
  3. To create mutual understanding between the medical laboratory personnel and physicians and all others who are employed in the interest of individual and public health;
  4. To promote the mutual aid and benefits of its members; In general to do anything and everything necessary and proper to the conduct of a society of this nature, for the purpose of attaining and furthering any of its objectives and to exercise any and all other powers which now or hereinafter may be authorized by law.